15 August 2010

About Give&Get


If you have time and/or money, and want to GIVE these resources of yours to benefit others, do you know what is available out there for you to help?

If you are sick/disabled/hungry/destitute/etc or can't afford to pay your school fees, do you know where you can GET help?

If you belong to neither group above, but would like to answer the 2 questions, be it for yourself or for your contacts (both locals and foreigners), do you know where to find the answers quickly and conveniently?

This webpage aspires to answer all the aforementioned questions. It is a website for those on either side of the income divide in Singapore.

Its role is only that of a "matchmaker". Through this webpage, it is hope that those who want to GIVE help/money and those who need to GET help/money can easily "match" themselves to the relevant social/community/voluntary/charitable organisations. However, like any website you visit, the onus is still on you to exercise discretion before deciding whether to offer your help/money after identifying an organisation whose causes you believe in.


About Give&Get (Short Version)


Care to GIVE your time, money or other still-useable items to others who might need it?

Need to GET help and not know where to start?

Whether you are giving or getting help, this website is for U.

Select the causes listed on the left column of this page, and get in touch with the relevant organisation.


Quick Guide to this Webpage


Here's a short write-up on what the various headings on the left column cover.

"GIVE ad hoc help to…" provides links to causes that require your immediate and one-off attention, be it your time, expertise, money or other resources.

"GIVE help to..." organises the different causes by categories (eg. the disabled, the hungry, the low-income, etc) to enable you to easily and conveniently zoom in to causes close to your heart or which you are passionate about.

Match donors/volunteers to causes” provides links to websites that help to match you to causes that you would like to volunteer with or make donations to.

"More Social & Community Services" provides links to more social/community/charitable causes should the causes listed in "Ad hoc HELP" and "Give HELP to..." do not appeal to you.

To read more about "Give&Get", click here.